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December 97 / January 98

EDITOR: Matthew Williams. Picture shown on right

ASSISTANT EDITORS:Paul Damon and Chris Fowler.


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"There is no excuse for lies, lies are never white - they are always black. The truth may hurt but lies will hurt even more..."

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Matthew Williams & Paul Damon (back from South America)


Welcome to another edition of Truthseekers Review. First and foremost I would like to take the opportunity to say how great it is to be back in the field of British UFOlogy after a three year sojourn in the South Americas and to work again with TruthSeeker extraordinaire Matthew Williams. In future issues I will run articles about the information that I have researched from such parts as Chile, Nicaragua, Peru, Honduras, Brazil and Colombia.

For the most part, I want to openly congratulate Matthew Williams on his brilliant work and continuing good efforts at production of this magazine, which he carried on with after I left in May 1995. I had no idea back then that he would take the magazine to new heights of "TruthSeeking". The magazine will stay in his editorship while I'll take on the responsibilities of actually chairing the TruthSeekers Research National and International group investigative administration (what a mouthful…).

This will in the main mean new projects involving fund raising for mobile research, liasing with national and international TruthSeeker member groups to instigate more public awareness schemes and joint investigations. It is hoped that both Matthew and I will be basing a new head office in the Pewsey area of Wiltshire in the near future, enabling us greater access to many of the mysteries that are abound in that area of England, and making us more centralised. Watch for new TruthSeeker publications, video documentary projects and information handbooks all set for the near future, as well as more venues for lecturing. Another change that readers will see is now that Truthseekers is back up to full strength we will be running more public meetings and getting started on other ventures such as video productions on such areas as Rudloe Manor and secrecy.

These will prove to be quite unique because TV seem unable to put all the important points across. We will also be doing interviews with our secret Rudloe Contacts who will speak for the first time. Keep watching the magazine for further details. In this edition we have an exploration of the ideas and concepts behind the worlds of the paranormal and explains some of the terms used in the article SECRET DOCTRINE by Ivan Whittle.

We have a strong Anti-Freemason theme this month, whilst explaining some of the secrets involved and describing techniques that you can employ (enjoy) to expose freemasons. Also featured is a special picture report on the interior of a US nuclear launch silo - still classified secret. As always we like to hear from readers and invite you to write to us with your views opinions or even to submit you research.

Those in secret positions in government and military are welcomed to leak secrets to us in anonymous form and where possible we will research these details or print them. Thanks to those anonymous sources who provided this months HARDCORE article on Radiation Leaks From Nuclear Powered Sattelites. Note: the old mobile telephone number is now no longer connected - use the pager number... MATTHEW WILLIAMS & PAUL DAMON




TruthSeekers Research and TruthSeekers Review are proud to announce the forthcoming Wiltshire, land of mysteries and secrets" booklet. This will be a guide for those of you interested in visiting one of the strangest areas of the United Kingdom with the idea of discovering for yourselves that there are untold mysteries waiting to be solved and investigated in the ancient land of Wiltshire. UFO's, crop circles, tumuli, ancient stone circles, ley lines, modern day shaman and druids and an all pervading sense that you're in a magical and enchanted landscape.

Also accompanying the booklet in the near future will be a video documentary of the same title feature. A secondary video will be about continuing investigations into the startling UFO secrets harboured by R.A.F. Rudloe Manor, with explosive interviews by ex-military personnel breaking their secrecy oaths for the sake of the TRUTH. So please get your orders in early and show us your interest in the aforementioned items. Write to the TruthSeekers Review office for more information.

WANTED Research projects:

Is your area experiencing a UFO flap? Have you come across information about a local secret bunker/military base? Let us know, join in the race for the Truth.