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backdoor quarry breather46.jpg (11230 bytes)

BackdoorQuarry70.jpg (13944 bytes)

BackdoorQuarryBreather88.jpg (14461 bytes)

Paul looks through air breather grille

"Backdoor" entrance to Quarry

air breather to Quarry below

Basil Hill Barracks Motor Pool50.jpg (8251 bytes)

basil hill barracks.jpg (11825 bytes)

BoscombeDown61.jpg (12806 bytes)

Basil Hill Baracks and lots of caravans.

Unidentified show near RNSD Spring Quarry

PLSD Porton Down this place changes it name more than a whores knickers and for suitably smelly reasons.

Box Hill Railway Tunnel Breather.jpg (15624 bytes)

BoxHillRailwayTunnelBathEnd90.jpg (13501 bytes)


A breather found in the countryside for the Box railway tunnel

Box railway tunnel south side, the RNSD Quarry is sandwiched between the rail level and the top of the hill you see here.


CCCFireActionCards62.jpg (15853 bytes)

CCCFireActionCards6265.jpg (13666 bytes)

CCCFireActionCards6266.jpg (10800 bytes)

Corsham Computer Centre fire cards for Fire Brigade

Evidence of a working underground facility


CCCFireActionCards6267.jpg (11784 bytes)

CCCFireActionCards6268.jpg (11668 bytes)

CCCFireActionCards6269.jpg (14347 bytes)


CCCGuard71.jpg (15925 bytes)

CDCNBunker89.jpg (9327 bytes)

MOD Houses Rudloe 51.jpg (15354 bytes)

Old codger in charge of security for a nuclear comand and control centre, only in Britain huh!

CDCN Bunker with breathers on top of building and gun emplacements.

Pubic houses situated right next to the ramp walkway down into the CCC. Nothing but open road and minor fence seperates the two.

CDCNbunker87.jpg (8875 bytes)

colerne33.jpg (9998 bytes)

colerne34.jpg (12547 bytes)

CDCN side view - air generator and air cleaning equipmnet probably resides here on the surface. Colern airbase, the "disused" airbase that looks pretty well used to me, its own fully occupied barracks and Sattelite disks for the Skynet Sattelites which are for British Military communications and possibly UFO interception. The Colerne Runways are kept better than many large airports and the hangwers always paid to be maintaned. Disused, I dont think so... kept ready for quick landings of important aircraft perhaps?

colerne32.jpg (12710 bytes)

colerne36.jpg (10434 bytes)

colerne37.jpg (11493 bytes)

1001 Signal Squadron hardened buildings and nuclear proof dishes visible here. 1001 obviously links to the CDCN somehow.

More Colerne.

Colerne strip, tower visible upper right.

colerne35.jpg (12501 bytes)

colerne39.jpg (12676 bytes)

colerne40.jpg (9605 bytes)

Northern side of Colerne.

More Colerne.

More Colerne.

colerne38.jpg (11838 bytes)

colerne42.jpg (11361 bytes)

colerne43.jpg (11800 bytes)

More Colerne.

More Colerne.

More Colerne.

colerne41.jpg (13066 bytes)

CorshamUndergoundQuarryCentre98.jpg (16680 bytes)

ColerneControlTower95.jpg (8433 bytes)

More Colerne.

Underground quarry tourist centre. These tunnels adjoin the CDCN and are used as an escape route.

The tower at Colerne

guyswithguns1.jpg (10614 bytes)

guyswithguns2.jpg (10551 bytes)

dog walker47.jpg (16129 bytes)

Rudloe Site 2 - RNSD Spring Quarry entrance - note chimney stack in the small building. Generators?

Police guard point upper right, allegedly has a lift to underground. Unconfirmed.

On of the imfamous "dog walkers" who seem to lurk around the base and have keys to let themselves in back ways to base. Dog walking my arse. Covert security... yup.

HMS Royal Arthur  56.jpg (9327 bytes)

guyswithguns3.jpg (8720 bytes)

HMS Royal Arthur 52.jpg (8740 bytes)

Disused base south of RNSD known as Royal Arthur. A real dump now vandalised to hell.

note chimney stack in the small building. Generators?

Royal Arthur

KelvedonHatchBunker80.jpg (18021 bytes)


KelvedonHatchBunker83.jpg (8004 bytes)

Kelvedon Hatch bunker in Essex, a house looking exterior hides a bunker entrance and long walkway into the safe deep underground bunker. For parliament use so they say. Bit small if you ask me.   Kelvedon hatch dorms

KelvedonHatchBunker80merge.jpg (9761 bytes)

Kelvedon hatch wide angle photo

KelvedonHatchBunker81.jpg (16399 bytes)

KelvedonHatchBunker82.jpg (8718 bytes)

KelvedonHatchBunker84.jpg (10085 bytes)

Kelvedon hatch now a visitor centre, worth a look.

Kelvedon hatch

The owner of Kelvedon Hatch bunker. A very nice chap. He gives you the tour.

KingsArmsMonktonFarleigh78.jpg (13905 bytes)

KingsArmsMonktonFarleigh79.jpg (14822 bytes)

PortonDown58.jpg (16683 bytes)

Haunted pub at Monkton Farleigh, the Kings Arms

Haunted pub at Monkton Farleigh, the Kings Arms

Porton Down road into base

MonksParkGoodsLift.jpg (12673 bytes)

MonksParkGoodsLift99.jpg (9670 bytes)

MonksParkSlopeShaft76.jpg (13847 bytes)

Lifts in Monks Park quarry

Lifts in Monks Park quarry

 monks park tramway into underground, you can drive a car onto tram which takes you underground. This is the head entrance.

MonksParkSecurityBooth77.jpg (13720 bytes)


PortonDown60.jpg (7490 bytes)

Quard shack at Monks Park, unmanned.

  View out over the lovely downhill countryisde from Rudloe Manor. The bunkers are build on tops of hills where water will flow out and away from the quarries (usually).

QuarrymansArms59.jpg (13529 bytes)

QuarrySurveyGear73.jpg (18023 bytes)

QuarrySurveyGear74.jpg (14875 bytes)

Quarrymans Arms is a great place to get food before going on a explore in the Quarries. They also have underground maps for sale so you "might" not get lost.

The types of gear you need to go underground, hard hat esential its so easy to bang your head and you could knock yourself out without one. Water and many torches of long life variety. It canoften be 10 hours walking underground. A compass is essential to find your bearings. Helmet torches are handy to see where you are going with your hands free.

RNSD Spring Quarry security booth 48.jpg (9574 bytes)

RNSD Spring Quarry security booth 49.jpg (8484 bytes)

PublicServiceLiftRudloe257.jpg (8591 bytes)

Old disused guard point for RSND Spring Quarry

Old disused guard point for RSND Spring Quarry

The Hawthorn Burlington Bunker scalator and lift entrance to underground. Visible from road as you drive past.

RudloePSLift91.jpg (8272 bytes)

Rudloe Site 2 Power House 54.jpg (7381 bytes)

The Hawthorn Burlington Bunker scalator and lift entrance to underground. Visible from road as you drive past.    

rudloe11.jpg (12700 bytes)

rudloe12.jpg (13327 bytes)

rudloe13.jpg (13041 bytes)

See if you can spot the hidden liftshaft here. Clue, vehicles would drive un under cover and unload into it.

Rudloe Site 2, RNSD Hawthorn Entrance and microwave tower and the housing estate above.

Rudloe Site 2, RNSD Hawthorn Entrance and microwave tower and the housing estate above.

rudloe14.jpg (13554 bytes)

rudloe16.jpg (12093 bytes)

rudloe17.jpg (14379 bytes)

Lower south half of RNSD and Basil Hill Barracks

Close up of the bunker entrances and air breathers

Lower south half of RNSD and Basil Hill Barracks bit of HMS Royal Arthur shows

rudloe15.jpg (14346 bytes)

rudloe20.jpg (16229 bytes)

rudloe21.jpg (12300 bytes)

North side of RNSD showing housing estate and microwave tower. South side RNSD and basil Hill Barracks wide angle photo of Rudloe site 2 and basil hill barracks, CDCN is also visible.

rudloe19.jpg (12316 bytes)

rudloe22.jpg (15028 bytes)

rudloe27.jpg (16132 bytes)

South Rudloe site 2

Guardhouse to main road upper part of photo and to the right of guardhouse is air breather round structure. Close up on the bunker entrances RNSD and left hand side shows interesting air breather holes with fence around. This is a seperate sured area inside the base permiter. Seems a vehicle could drive into that lift.

rudloe18.jpg (12327 bytes)

rudloe23.jpg (15028 bytes)

rudloe24.jpg (13647 bytes)

View to the North West of Rudloe Site 2 showing the valley and off into the distance the M4. Rudloe Site 1 is visible here. Close up on the bunker entrances RNSD and the escalator bunker which is visible from the road (shown in above photo) the roadway is visuible above the bunker entrance. West side of RNSD showing industrial estate upper and lower is the base with small offices.

rudloe25.jpg (14892 bytes)

rudloe26.jpg (16183 bytes)

rudloe28.jpg (13558 bytes)

Air breathers and this photo shows a bunker entrance which is most likely a slope shaft with stairs down into the underground. Close up on the slope shaft and lift and airbreathers also visible, one which has pipes protruding from the breather. Unknown what function the pipes have. Random buildings near the wooded side of RNSD.

rudloe29.jpg (12750 bytes)

rudloe30.jpg (13318 bytes)

rudloe31.jpg (13236 bytes)

Rudloe Site 1 the Manor House itself and the control centre for the ROTOR bunker which was a wartime control unit for the "Southern Sector" Panorama showing site 2 bottom through to Site 1 in the upper half of the photo. Rudloe Site 1 the Manor House itself and the control centre for the ROTOR bunker which was a wartime control unit for the "Southern Sector"

Rudloe9.jpg (14440 bytes)

rudloe44.jpg (11974 bytes)

Rudloe6.jpg (16034 bytes)

Bit of escalator entrance bunker and upper half shows buildings used by contractors connected to Bulding services based at Basil Hill Barracks. Rudloe Site 1 next to the Manor building, newer offices must be the P&SS former headquarters up until early 2000-2005 when they moved to RAF Henlow. South of Rudloe Site 2

rudloe7.jpg (14120 bytes)

Rudloe8.jpg (13772 bytes)

rudloefull1.jpg (14006 bytes)

Guardhouse Rudlo site 2 showing across road to the Industrial estate. Rudloe site 2 Rudloe site 2

rudloefull2.jpg (14781 bytes)

rudloefull3.jpg (14154 bytes)

rudloefull4.jpg (12970 bytes)

Rudloe site 2 those pipes from the air breather again A little further away from the Guard house and an air breather is visible near the trees. Guard house and the lower right air breather visible.

RudloeSite1SunnyDay75.jpg (15578 bytes)

RudloeSite1SecurityBooth93.jpg (16152 bytes)

RudloeSite1wierd94.jpg (6584 bytes)

Rudloe Manor itself. The guard house and stop check point for Rudloe Manor building and the P&SS. If you get this far youll probably have guys with guns pointing them in your face. View from below Rudloe Manor up the farm track back to the side road which has the old Manor gates on it.

rudloefull5.jpg (13128 bytes)

RoyalAirForceRudloeManorSign86.jpg (11713 bytes)

RudloeSite1SecurityBooth92.jpg (7820 bytes)

Guard house and microwave tower. Sign post for RAF Rudloe Manor om the main road Rudloe Site 1 guard house further back, it was a badly lit day

RudloeSite1WierdShed96.jpg (16179 bytes)

RudloeSite2strangePipes100.jpg (14117 bytes)

The Flamingo Club53.jpg (10354 bytes)

Desolate shack next to Rudloe Manor site 1

Those pipes for the air breather are visible here.

"The Pink Flamingo" a cross between Butlins and Dantes Inferno. Shit shithole is where the RAF boys drink their whiles away. Good for gathering information on the bases from drunk airmen.

westways tower45.jpg (10969 bytes)


Microwave tower.



rudloe group near cave.jpg (33020 bytes)rudloe near cave.jpg (21292 bytes)

A minor quarrying expedition led by myself - note everyone has hard hats! Intrepid Daryl Smith on the left and Chris Fowler on the right.


rudloe quarrymans matt2.jpg (23518 bytes)rudloe underground alien graffitti.jpg (14676 bytes)

preparing to go underground. Seems we arent the only ones who have made the Alien connection to P&SS Rudloe Manor.


rudloe underground army.jpg (14759 bytes)

Dr who would be at home here with the Brick daleks. Someone must have been bored. Theres lots more surprises underground like this.


rudloe underground army2.JPG (25858 bytes)rudloe quarrymans matt3.jpg (23011 bytes)

More soldier/dalek thingies.

Another above ground shot.



rudloe underground barbed wire.jpg (24270 bytes)rudloe underground barbed wirexxx.jpg (20484 bytes)

Wateroproof gloves can be handy too, and clothes you dont mind getting shredded. Here we encounter a grille with hole cut out of it which requires you to be birthed by your friends through.



rudloe underground brick stonehenge.jpg (21513 bytes)rudloe underground dan and skull.jpg (15958 bytes)

Stonehenge and the pyramids.

Dan and a founder member of the Piratebay


rudloe underground door.jpg (12760 bytes)

This is a bad photo of an old bunker door. We have no idea what is on the other side.


rudloe underground door2.jpg (15653 bytes)rudloe underground face in wall.jpg (15857 bytes)

This is a main bunker door to the Spring Quarry labyrinth of roads and Burlington. Locked

A face carved in the soft rock



rudloe underground matt cavern.jpg (19409 bytes)rudloe underground matt instructs.JPG (34680 bytes)

Standing in the huge cavern known as the "Cathedral" which has a hole opening to the surface

 Explaining to people where we are on the map and how to use the compass. Do they trust me to get them out?


rudloe underground mattface.jpg (4592 bytes)

Maps by torchlight - perhaps bringing 2 compasses is a good idea!


rudloe underground space.jpg (13408 bytes)rudloe underground grille crawl.JPG (39236 bytes)

Lots of loose rocks have to be navigated in some sections of the quarry. Chris Fowler here. Squeezing through some cut grilles to gain further access to the mines.


Rudmap2.tif (34684 bytes)

RUDLUN~1.JPG (19154 bytes)RICHAR~1.JPG (16228 bytes)

Bulkheads doors into Burlington block our way

Monks Park quarry inside, showing real roads and items stored for the military


MATT1.JPG (27609 bytes)

Victory at last, penetration of an underground bunker by Richard Conway and myself in 1997. Yipeeee. Its MAASIVE!



PROVOST.TIF (27340 bytes)

RICHCO~1.JPG (23072 bytes)

yes you can drive a car down here or even a van. Tarmac roads and checkpoints underground. Lights on all year round.


GOVTDO~1.TIF (26376 bytes)

GOVTDO~2.TIF (38550 bytes)

GOVTDO~3.TIF (19766 bytes)GOVTDOC1.TIF (25616 bytes)


FARLEI~1.JPG (20316 bytes)CORRID~1.JPG (17307 bytes)

All your bases be ours

Monks park... more road and more roads.



CRATES.JPG (19343 bytes)

More roads and more roads, you just cannot believe how big these places are until you get lost in one! Makes getting lost in Ikea a holiday!


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