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January 97 / February 97

EDITOR: Matthew Williams. Picture shown on right

ASSISTANT EDITORS:Paul Damon and Chris Fowler.

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TV Subliminals & Highly strange contacts

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"There is no excuse for lies, lies are never white - they are always black. The truth may hurt but lies will hurt even more..."p>

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Matthew Williams - Editor


by Matthew Williams

Welcome to a new year and a new Truthseekers magazine. In this edition we have another hopefully interesting blend of conspiracy, alien information and truth.

News of many sightings over the South Wales area recently is causing interest with local researchers and is discussed in the news page. I am rather sceptical that anything will come of the Israel alleged alien body that is being researched by Debbie Segal, though only time will tell on this one. Sad news also of the death of a political Ufologist - Martin Redmond.

Phillip Kinsella brings us a candid insight into his families involvement in a visitation of a strange creature which appeared to be able to move through solid matter - and was apparently operating outside of a time frame reference. I hear of many strange stories such as this in my research. People may find these sorts of things hard to accept but this is clearly a high importance case as events were witnessed by three members of the family - and a dog - simultaneously . Phillip is currently writing a book which will hopefully be published soon, and will contain details of his encounters. We look forward to this and wish him luck.

In my investigations into claims that a D Notice has been placed on all media in an attempt to suppress news a flying triangles which may be a military development or else a military cover-up of real alien flying triangles, I contacted the MOD in London , who were helpful with my enquiries and supplied me with details of the D Notice system and which notices are currently in operation. The full D Notices are reprinted in this edition for all Truthseekers to get an idea of just what it is the MOD say we shouldn't see from the media.

Bill Love from Dover gives us a report of his investigations into strange electrical activity in two homes in different parts of the country. Bill has been researching this activity for many years and is a qualified physicist and has worked on many high level projects for multi-national companies. Interesting also the links between electrical activity and what could also be seen as paranormal activity. Read his report to learn more.

Chris Fowler fills us up with the latest happenings from Gulf Breeze, some of which he just missed out on by his return to the UK. Geez - wouldn't ya just know it! (as Ed Walters might say!).

Jonathan Hurst tells us what he thinks will happen if ET's make contact with us in the article Open Contact. Jonathan also makes use of information which has apparently been channelled through from an alien source. Jonathan always has interesting insights to offer in this field.

Chris Fowler updates us on his efforts to locate a missing file at the Public Records Office - the government department which holds the officially released files for public view. It would appear that the file in question may have been taken away on purpose for the MOD to review and perhaps withhold from public view.

Bill Hamilton gives us a report on UFO sightings in and around the Antelope Valley, which is near the mysterious Hellendale and Edwards Air Force bases. All of these bases have their connections with Area 51, in more ways that it seems. If reports are true all three bases have UFO research going on, and are connected via underground tunnels.

We have finally got kicked up the rears over not doing a proper review and giving information on the Mexico sightings. We have reversed this with a review of the first commercially available video on the Mexico sightings - "Messengers of Destiny" - which is a mind blowing look at a news story which has hardly hit the Western World yet but is of world changing importance.

Lastly we have a Hardcore report on PSYOPS - Psychological Operations - which are carried out in practice by the military powers of the world. Research into mind control, social engineering and preventative manipulation of people to stop them acting out of accord with the generally accepted norms. The only problem is, who decides behind the scenes what the norms are - and just how far are the secret governments and military prepared o go in their efforts to control us? Read and be amazed.

Other Notes:

Tony & Carol James of EMUFORA (East Midlands UFO Research Association) have had to put their Truthseeking on the back burner for a while due to work and study commitments. Tony and Carol have run a successful group for many years now. They have provided competent information and research to many other groups around the country and their presence will be missed. We hope that in the future we will see their return to UFO research.

Also if you were wondering why there was the comment "Positively No Thought" on the cover of the magazine the reason is as follows: I was writing a letter on top of my Deskjet Scanner, near my computer table. The TV was on in the corner of the room and was visible out of the corner of my eye. An advert came on TV and whilst I was writing my mind wandered onto what I should next stick down on paper. My pen stopped and suddenly a word and voice came clearly into my mind. It seemed as if it wasn't my own mind saying this as it overpowered my current train of thought. The word/concept that was impressed was "Positively No Thought". I quickly looked over at the TV and almost thought I say the word on the screen. The adverts was either for BUPA or the new Ford "Ka". I cannot quite remember which advert it was now, just that this is what happened. Because of this I decided to check up on mind control and subliminal persuasion to see if this sort of thing was common. I will be printing more of this information in future editions of Truthseekers.



In last months edition we featured an article by Jonathan Hurst entitled: Ets, Ufology & Ancient History. Corrections are given below.

PAGE1: Para 5, line 7: Should have been MAYANS instead of MAYWIS.

PAGE2: Para 8, line1: "leave" should have been "have"p>

Para 9, line 4: Should have read "An indication of this is our great diversity in appearance and culture."p>

PAGE4: Para2, line 3: "Another supernova remnant is the Veil Nebula in Cygnus, estimated to have exploded over 50,000 years ago."p>

Para 3, line 1;"About 68,000 years ago the Earth was involved in an interplanetary catastrophe."p>

PAGE5: Para 6, line 1: "What I have described above is but a mere fraction of our ancient history, although an important part bec